Hi! I’m Mary, Social Director at Eastcliffe. We run a variety of activities to suit all tastes and abilities. Our daily programme includes exercises, shopping trips, bridge, mahjong, crafts, indoor bowls, croquet (in summer), a walking group, drives around the city, church services and in-house DVD’s (from old favourites to latest releases).Regular events include Happy Hour get togethers, shopping trips, bridge, mahjong, indoor bowls, a walking group, summer croquet, weekly church services, trips further afield, and of course parties for the Melbourne Cup, midwinter Christmas and whatever else celebrations seem a good idea at the time!
Here’s just a sample:
Wrights Water Lily garden, Patumahoe
Twin Lakes bird aviaries, Albany
Fish’n’Chips at the beach
Boat trips to Riverhead and around the harbour


TVlounge_MG_4827 Mel_cup

Events are carefully planned to meet individual capabilitiesClick the links below to view a typical newsletter and weekly planner of activities, weekly menus, and our fine dining menu:

>> View example Weekly Newsletter and Activities Planner

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>> View example Weekly Menu 1

>> View example Weekly Menu 2

>> View example Fine Dining Menus

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lowres_chef choice1

hulomi cheese

Kurobuta pork with herbs, green bean

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