Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

COVID-19 INFORMATION Updated September
24th 2020

As you know the Government has announced that Auckland has moved to Level 2 (Lockdown) and
the rest of New Zealand is at Level 1 in response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

We are still working hard to keep all of our residents safe, and we thank you for your
support. Please see an update of the measures and support we have put in place to protect
our valued residents, staff and our community.

Visitor restrictions

You may now have visitors in your apartment. Anyone entering the village at Kupe Street is
required to sign-in with security and report to reception where they sign a statement that they do not
have any flu-like symptoms, and have their temperature checked and recorded. They will also be
provided with a disposable mask and are required to wear it, if they do not already have one of their
own. Reminders are given in relation to social distancing and hygiene. A reminder that visitors are not
to use the communal areas.

Visitors to the Care Side are by appointment only (please contact

Temperature checks

All visitors and staff will be temperature checked as a precaution. Residents are also able to have
their temperatures taken should they have any concerns.

Access to Village

Face masks are available at Reception and should be worn if you are visiting or leaving
the premises. Please note, security are monitoring the movements of residents, visitors, staff and
contractors. If visiting please use the COVID Tracer app or sign in at Reception.

In-house activities and services

All activities, including the Hairdressers and Podiatrist are still cancelled until Level 1.


Deliveries of groceries etc can still be made. However residents may also go out to the supermarket
or shops. There is a small shop at Reception and some supplies are available from the kitchen. Meals
are of course available and will be delivered.

Thank you

We have successfully managed to keep the virus out of our Village and we want to continue
to work together to prevent any further community transmission. Please stay home and
save lives.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

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